Oh My Face

Must Try These Glamorous Masks
You ladies MUST try my new favorite sheet masks!! They are from THE top rated Korean Brand, Lapcos. Grand was immediately on board after owner of Lapcos gave Kristie samples to try and was also excited when it was discovered that Anthropologie sold them too. With a variety of sheet masks to meet all your face’s beauty demands, there is something for all skin types. I am personally a sucker for face masks and have tried tons, but nothing quite compared to Lapcos. After a long day, it is my favorite thing to do, to de-stress and relax (or scroll through my insta feed, lol). As an Intern, I’ve had the opportunity to try out a few of these beauties! All made with a unique blend of ingredients, leaving my face feeling fresh and radiant! I love that they work with all skin types, and can be purchased for $3 per mask or $14 for a pack of four. WHAT A STEAL!!!  
Easy as 1,2,3
No time, don’t worry I have got you covered. The masks are super easy and quick to use. Simply, pull out your mask, unfold it gently and evenly over your face. After 10-20 minutes, remove it. I like to keep mine on a bit longer, to ensure I absorb all the nutrients my face deserves! (Usually I scroll through my social media, again lol or put on my favorite Netflix show). All locations, sell the Pearl, Milk, Charcoal and Honey sheet masks. OMG! There’s also a BONUS exfoliating pad! A great prep tool for your face. Lapcos has stolen my heart and face and will steal yours too!
Yum! Honey is not only tasty, but it’s also  great perker upper! (the perkier the better, am I right?). Supporting antibacterial protection, anti-aging, and has anti inflammatory benefits resulting in an amazing complexion boost! MOISTURE JACKPOT for your face ladies! I think your face can never have too much hydration, especially living in Arizona. One of our Divaz Girls in Tempe, on Mill Avenue, tried. Here’s what she had to say.
“I wanted to eat this because it smelled so good! It smelled exactly like honey, was super soft, super moist, hydrating and I just love it.”-Callie
Who would have thought that charcoal could be used on your face? This was the first mask I tried in the set and HOOKED me from the start. The charcoal extracts inside, not only hydrated my skin, but it tightened  and cleaned my pores(Bye, bye, blackheads!) My face felt pure and radiant instantly! Activated charcoal will protect and rejuvenate your skin! A personal favorite of Andreas(Divaz Tempe Marketplace) claims this is her favorite and here’s what she has to say.
“I love it because leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshing. It helps with breakouts and I think every girl should have it.” -Andrea
HASTA LUEGO powders and pills! I think we can all use more collagen. After a long weekend out in the sun, I used it and it plumped and restored my skin. This is a mask I could use daily, that’s how amazing it is. The extracts in this mask will enhance your skin’s elasticity and hydrate it at the same time.
I had no idea that milk could be used in more than just the kitchen. This is another mask on my list to try. This milk mask provides extraordinary benefits for your face. The milk proteins are ultra-moisturizing ingredient and will restore tired skin. Our store manager Nicole, in Tucson, has tried it and adores it. “I was hesitant at first because of my sensitive skin, but was immediately reassured when I noticed my face feeling refreshed and glowing.” -Nicole
Want radiant and luminous skin? I know I do! Now, when I hear the word pearl I think glamorous and that’s exactly what this mask is. It’s made with ingredients that will brighten and tighten your skin and leave your face feeling new.
Pearl Peeling Sleeping Cream
GUESS WHAT!!! Lapcos offers sleeping cream. The Pearl Peeling Sleeping Cream is another beauty hit wonder. Everyone’s skin deserves a treat before bed and who doesn’t love treats? Owner Kristie uses it for her night cream. Kristie the stores founder/owner has tried the Pearl Peeling Sleeping Cream and swears by it. “I tried the Pearl Peeling Sleeping Cream and I absolutely loved it! Maybe because I am an Arizona native. The peeling didn’t happen for me. My skin absorbed the cream and hydrated beautifully.In the morning when I looked in the mirror, I noticed a difference. It brightens you and I have tried many creams as I am in my mid 40s.” -Kristie
YAY!!! I hope you all loved loved reading my very FIRST blog post! I highly recommend using these glamorous masks! They make lovely gifts or great for a girls night in. Using Lapcos masks are relaxing and I know skin care can be pain. The shimmery packaging  POP’s and is just eye catching. We all deserve to pamper ourselves! Stop buy any of our store locations to get them now!
I’m so excited to be blogging for Grand Central Clothing and can not wait to write more for you ladies!
Love Your Grand Girl!
Audrey Graham